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2014-2015 Premier League Predictions: Week 11 (Part 4)

Arsenal- Week 11

Swansea vs. Arsenal


Match Date: 09 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Liberty Stadium



A scoreless stalemate against Everton kept Swansea at the 6th spot of the Premier League table. But it seems that addressing such scenario is not their top priority at this moment. The squad will be dealing with red card issues that have been preventing them from maximizing their full potential.
During the Everton face-off, Jonjo Shelvey received a booking that will keep him sidelined in the upcoming encounter against Arsenal. Shelvey is already the third Swansea player who received a red card since the season started.


The increasing numbers of players who receive and serve disciplinary actions have harsh consequences on the squad. It prevents them from sticking to a solid game plan and key players are unable to contribute. According to its team captain, Ashley Williams, the club will soon sit down and talk  about this matter to prevent it from worsening.



After a 3-match winless streak, Arsenal is back on its feet. The Gunners have been prolific in dominating the match against the online betting minnow, Burnley.


Topping the list of Arsene Wenger’s stellar performers was Alexis Sanchez, who delivered a brace to help the club secure a 3-0 victory.



Swansea 1-2 Arsenal



Arsenal- Week 11 

Sunderland vs. Everton


Match Date: 09 November 2014 (local time)

Venue: Stadium of Light



Sunderland proved that cats, indeed, have nine (9) lives. The Black Cats just veered away from the relegation zone after beating Crystal Palace in a match, which generated a 3-1 result. Currently, Sunderland safely occupies the 15th spot of the league table. There is no assurance that they will no longer fall into the dreaded zone, yet, the recent victory is enough to give them a renewed confidence to face Roberto Martinez and his men.



Similar to its recent opponent, Swansea, Everton is also stuck in its current position in the league table. For the meantime, the Toffees has to be content with occupying the 9th spot after failing to collect three (3) important points during the scoreless stalemate against Swansea.


Although the result of the previous match was disappointing, perhaps the good news of Romelu Lukaku’s recovery will inspire the team to feature in the upcoming match.



Sunderland 1-3 Everton



Image Source: BBC