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Mr. MVP Shaq and Dwight Howard Ensues

shaq and dwight

THE LATEST NBA 2012-2013 UPDATE – Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard have engaged in another word war when the retired player said that the former Orlando Magic player is less superior to Brook Lopez of the New Jersey Nets.

In response to O’Neal’s statement, Howard remarked that he “don’t care what Shaq is”, saying that he has already retired from playing professional basketball and that he has to move on. He pointed out that O’Neal is just doing the “exact same thing” as those older players the retired player hated for criticizing him.

Howard expressed that he will not make amends with O’Neal when he retires his Lakers No. 34 jersey on April 2 next year. The two players have figured in verbal conflicts before, with O’Neal comparing Howard to Andrew Bynum and calling the Philadelphia 76ers player better than him.

As for Howard, he has not played past through rival teams with the Lakers yet, as he hinted that he might make his official debut at the start of the regular season, NBA October 30, 2012.

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