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Silent Samurai: Online Casino Slot Game

Silent Samurai - 12bet Casino Online Slots
Silent Samurai - 12bet Casino Online Slots 

Who would have thought that the Samurai culture would brush its graceful influence to online slots? Thanks to 12BET, playing slot games is nearly as fulfilling as being revered as esteemed Japanese military nobility.

Much like any other online slot game, Silent Samurai requires a player to obtain a correct symbol combination to win pots of money. It is distinct in that it uses symbols normally associated with medieval Japan’s middle and upper echelons of the warrior class. This makes the game a noble recreation in its own rights.

The game begins with a bet (coin value) being selected. This is done by pressing the “Click to Change” denomination button in the lower left corner of the screen. By clicking the “Bet per Line” button, line bets are chosen. Every click is equal to a coin being added to the line bet. In the event that the amount is maxed out (10 coins), hitting the button again will reset the line bet to one coin.

To spin the reels with the current selection of lines and line bets, the “Spin” button is pressed. A unique game feature, “Auto Start” spins the reel automatically once the player makes his final bet.

Paytables determine the way prize earnings should be calculated. Furthermore, the “Gamble” button is activated (which, when clicked, opens the gamble page) every time a win is achieved.


Bonus symbol

Bonus symbols appear on the first and last reels. Such a feature provides a player with a guaranteed prize of 5 times the total bet. In addition, this round offers a selection of Ninja symbols (some Ninjas award 1 to 5 free spins, others increase the win multiplier of the free spins by 2).

The bonus round allows Ninjas to be picked one after another until an “Evil Ninja” is chosen, or until all winning and Magic Ninjas have been taken.



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