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The Secret to Being a Great Bettor

Great Bettor

Great Bettor


Living in the moment.

Sounds simple, if somewhat clichéd, right? Let’s elaborate on that further.

Imagine that you’re playing one of those online casino games. There are plenty of numbers that you need to track: your bankroll, your bets, the amount of those bets, the number of wins versus losses, the jackpot, etc. On top of that, you also have this elaborate strategy in mind to win the game, but you’re still waiting for the “perfect” opportunity to execute it.

Just a little more… just a little more…” you think.

Then BOOM! Someone makes the bet that takes home the jackpot. And that someone wasn’t you.

What happened? Where did you go wrong?

You feel bad because you had everything planned down to the last detail, and yet you didn’t get the result you wanted.

Maybe that’s the problem.

Perhaps you gave too much importance to the planning before the game, rather than the game itself. Perhaps you let the distractions (e.g. the attractive dealers, the colorful game interface, and the other players) get the better of you.

How about this: When you’re betting, focus all your mental energies on the bet. Ask yourself: “If this is the only bet I’ll ever make in my life, how will I play it?

Do not think of anything else.

Just make your move, and trust that you’ll get it right. Yes, that’s the word: trust.

You have to believe that you can do it.

But what if I lose?” you ask.

Then bet again. The world’s not going to end with one wrong bet. If you do lose money, you’re bound to get it back one way or another.

We’re not saying you should charge head-first into a game without knowing the basics, at the least. That’s a big no-no, especially if you’re a beginner. You have to master the rules before you can break them.

Once you’re a seasoned player, though, you can’t be content with average winnings. You have to start going after the big fish; otherwise, you’ll feel that you’re “just another player.”

And the only way to do that is to think like the big boys: Trust that you know enough to play a good game, and let it rip.

May Lady Luck be with you next time!