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Football Betitng Tips: Arsenal vs. Manchester United



12BET Football Tips: Arsenal vs. Manchester United

Venue: Emirates Stadium (Arsenal)

Date: April 28, 2013

Time: 11:00 PM (+8 GMT)

Football Betting Tips: Arsenal are at the top ranks of the league at third place, but are quite behind in the race for the trophy. They show good form in their recent matches, winning four out of the last six.

Manchester United is on the top of the league, but they shouldn’t be too complacent. There’s a saying that “No lead is too big” and knowing what happened last season, the Red Devils are unlikely to take their feet off the gas, having won 5 out of the last six.

Asian Bookie Handicap Odds: Both teams are equal, with no favorite or underdog


Two Premier League heavyweights face each other in this late-season game in what could be seen as each side’s secondary rivalry. Both clubs have very accomplished histories and are thirsty for more wins, especially Arsenal, who haven’t won any silverware in 8 years.

With Manchester United having a large (but not insurmountable) lead over the rest of the league, there’s a chance that they could win the League Trophy even before the season ends. If Manchester United wins, Robin van Persie can win the league at the Emirates, but not for Arsenal, in an ironic twist of fate.

Toop Asian sports bookmaker places the match as equal for both teams. The Gunners and Red Devils are indeed worthy rivals of each other. There is no handicap, so a win automatically means the clubs’ punters win their bets.

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