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2014-2015 La Liga Predictions: Week 14 (Part 1)

Atletico Madrid - Week 14

Elche vs. Atletico Madrid


Match Date: 06 December 2014 (local time)

Venue: Martinez Valero



Elche’s dipping form is one of the reasons behind the squad’s unfortunate slip to the relegation zone. So far, the squad has only won once in its last six (6) matches and evidently, this kind of performance causes a lot of burden in the club’s morale.


Pitted against the football betting favorite, Atletico Madrid, an impending slip threatens the squad again. However, they can pull off a draw to prevent a massive thrashing.


Atletico Madrid

The death of a Deportivo La Coruna fan eclipsed Atletico Madrid’s well-deserved victory. Such scenario is nothing new in the football world. The overt fanaticism of supporters can push them to be violent and unfortunately, this is what transpired in the said match.


In response with the said event, Atletico Madrid decided to hand a ban to the group known as Ultras from watching the club’s key battles. Although it might lessen the support received by the club, there’s really nothing to worry since Atletico remains a strong group.
Currently, the squad is just 4 points behind the league leader, Real Madrid. The said lead remains manageable though since the season is far from over.



Elche 0-2 Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid - Week 14

Real Madrid vs. Celta Vigo


Match Date: 06 December 2014 (local time)

Venue: Santiago Bernabeu


Real Madrid

Succumbing to defeat is the least thing that Real Madrid would experience. The squad is in perfect shape and maintains a clean slate since its impressive El Classico win. And with Cristiano Ronaldo making it to Ballon d’Or’s short list, it is evident that the club is overwhelmed with different inspiration sources to motivate them.


Celta Vigo

Celta Vigo faces an uphill task of trying to snatch a win against the Los Blancos. They just suffered their 2nd consecutive loss, which was even made worse by the fact that it happened within the hands of Eibar, a newly promoted squad in La Liga.



Real Madrid 4-1 Celta Vigo


Image Source: Euro Sport