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2014-15 Serie A Match Previews: Week 8 (Part 5)

Napoli week 7

Napoli week 7

Napoli vs. Hellas Verona

Match Date: 27 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: San Paolo

(Featured image: Napoli | Source: Zimbio)


For their past four meetings, Napoli have always been the dominant side over Verona. Their most recent battle, in the second leg for Serie A of the previous season, the home side scored five goals and conceded only one. As for the current season, Napoli are again seated in a safer zone than Verona. The hosts have a total score of 11 points with a +1 goal difference, putting them within the top seven. Verona, meanwhile, are positioned just a spot lower, also with 11 points but with a goal difference of -1. Skills-wise, Napoli play at their best through creating scoring chances and attacking set pieces while Verona take their best form on aerial duels and through resilience. The former have some issues to address in terms of their offside errors and defense in the lead, while the latter need more faculties to convert opportunities and defend counter attacks.


Online betting tip: Napoli will stretch their wins against Verona to a fifth consecutive time.




AC Milan vs. Fiorentina

Match Date: 27 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: San Siro


Milan and Fiorentina are positioned on both halves of the league table, the hosts in the top half and the guests in the bottom half. Five points and 11 goals separate the sides, although their recent displays do not show stark disparity. Milan’s last five weeks in Serie A gave them eight points from two wins, two draws, and only one defeat. Fiorentina have achieved similar results, also with eight points from two victories, two stalemates, and one loss. By aggregate score, however, Milan are three goals clear of their opponents.


Football betting tip: Milan will prove to be a hostile opposition for Fiorentina.