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2014-15 Serie A Match Previews: Week 8 (Part 2)

Roma week 7

Roma week 7

Sampdoria vs. Roma

Match Date: 25 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Stadio Luigi Ferraris

(Featured image: Roma | Source: Zimbio)


Sampdoria and Roma are currently among the strongest sides in Serie A. Ranked third and second, respectively, the sides have enjoyed a steady stream of points since the season opened. Roma have won six times and succumbed to their opponents only once, while Sampdoria remain unbeaten—although they have been held by their rivals in three occasions.

The home side perform best with direct free kicks, but they are also excellent at attacking set pieces and in brawling in the air. Defense of the lead is what they need to work harder on. The visitors, meanwhile, are extremely good at conversion, as seen in their ability to accurately finish scoring chances. They could find opportunities from either attacking down the wings or via direct free kicks. They are, however, very poor in aerial duels as well as in stopping their opponents from creating chances.


Online betting tip: Sampdoria will fire equalizers to all of Roma’s goals.




Udinese vs. Atalanta

Match Date: 26 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Stadio Friuli


Nine spots or six points separate Udinese and Atalanta, with the home side occupying the better position. With four wins, one draw, and only two defeats in seven matches, Udinese have improved very well since last season. They currently seat at number five, just a few points behind Milan, Sampdoria, Roma, and Juventus. Atalanta, meanwhile, rank in the bottom half (number 14) after only securing two wins and one stalemate but incurring four defeats.

Udinese are brilliant at finishing scoring chances, which means that they are also pretty good at creating opportunities particularly through individual skills. However, they fall short of faculty in terms of possession, losing control of the ball once their opponents make some intimidating moves. Atalanta, on the other hand, show little signs of becoming a dark horse by the end of the season. They may be good in defending the lead but their inability to convert, avoid errors, and protect against through ball attacks far overshadow their supposed capabilities.


Football betting tip: Udinese will carry the day, but Atalanta might score a consolatory goal.