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Ligue 1 Match Prediction: St. Etienne vs. Montpellier

St. Etienne and Montpellier

Match Date: 04 May 2014 (local time)

Venue: Geoffroy-Guichard

Currently enjoying an undefeated streak, there are plenty of golden opportunities that await St. Etienne as the season near its end. The club has the chance not only to improve its rank, but also the possibility of clinching a spot for the next seasonā€™s Champions League.


In the meantime, Montpellier will be using the upcoming match to veer farther away from the relegation zone.


It does not take rocket science to understand why St. Etienne is the matchā€™s online betting favorite. The squad has been undefeated in its last 6 matches. And this can even extend to 7. This argument stems from the fact that it maintains a clean slate in its last 10 matches at Geoffroy-Guichard. Ā It will be easy for them to turn their home ground into a hostile environment against their equally aggressive opponentā€”Montpellier.

Ā St. Etienne and Montpellier

Montpellier scored at least 2 goals during its last 4 matches. And while the numbers are simply too attractive to ignore, it cannot fully guarantee Montpellierā€™sĀ  victory. The latterā€™s team form is in a struggling state. Within the course of its last 6 matches, the results were evenly distributed to wins, losses and draws.


It is also important to note that Montpellier has only won once against St. Etienne during their last 6 matches. Two (2) of them ended in a draw, while the 3 other clashes saw them stumbled in defeat.


Prediction: St.Etienne


Image Source: ESPN FC