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Premier League Betting Tips: Manchester United vs. Swansea

Manchester United vs Swansea

Manchester United vs Swansea

An apt conclusion for his last match as Manchester United’s coach, the side’s win over Swansea 2-1 (overall as well) last season was a stellar farewell tribute for Sir Alex Ferguson. Successor David Moyes has a huge shoe to fill in (which he has been successfully doing so, thus far); having to prove that he can drive the team to victory in the same fashion as Ferguson did for nearly 27 years. With the new season approaching and warm-up matches nearing their end, the team has to prove once more that it can remain atop the slate, even when it has to face League Cup champions Swansea again.
August 18 will reunite rivals The Red Devils and The Jacks at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea’s home court, for the Premier League. While the former’s win over their opponents the last time is still fresh in the memories of die-hard fans, the upcoming match is expected to differ quite a bit from that of last season, given that they have now a new exponent.
Figures from the last season’s match drew a simple layout: Javier Hernandez giving United a first-half lead, with Swansea’s Michu neutralizing the tally just before Rio Ferdinand is able to close the scoring with one winning goal. Now that Moyes—who has been quite optimistic while touring with his side—is set to debut his Premier League career with United, will the same [if not better] figures crown the upcoming tourney? Or will Swansea have the advantage to secure the win in that their opponents might undergo adjustment crisis under new management style?
Last season’s 9th placers have been mustering substantial strengths to overthrow their opponents, including the League table’s creamiest crops. Michael Laudrup’s men have been showing dramatic improvements over the years, seen quite obviously in their record-breaking profits over the past months, including a two-digit percentage growth in commercial revenue. With Wilfried Bony becoming the side’s newest member, an even stronger talent squad has to be expected in the match. Bony was the topnotch goal scorer in the last Eredivisie matches, having scored 15 goals in 10 consecutive installments and was named ‘Dutch Player of the Year.’
Manchester United would still make a greater chance to win the match than Swansea in spite of some internal changes. However, The Jacks’ undeniable talents (both old and new) will make it quite hard for their opponents to tackle them.

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