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12bet Refer a Friend Set For Launched


Get extra cash from by simply referring your friends! Join the refer a friend promotion and increase your bankroll immediately.

Expect another exciting and lucrative promotion from Asia’s leading bookie, 12BET. Com. This topnotch sportsbook provider is set to launch its refer a friend promotion, making online betting more social, enjoyable and profitable.

Refer a friend promotion explained

12BET’s refer a friend promotion is yet another way to receive rewards and bonus the easy and simple way. Members do not have to exert too much effort to gain extra income.

On a closer look, this is far from being an ordinary promotion that comes with an extra bonus. This is one of those great extra income ideas where members can work from home. Extra surprises are coming to those who can deliver friend referrals who meet the promotion requirements.

The whole process is pretty simple, one only needs to invite and introduce the 12bet refer a friend promotion via sending or presenting sign-up links which are distributed across every online platform.

Extra Bonus and Rewards

Explained below is the bonus amount that you get when you refer your friends.

For every 5 successful referrals, a member receives MYR 50 on top of his or her bonuses. Double the number of successful referrals—make it 10 and the member gets MYR 75 of extra reward. However, things get more exciting when 15 successful referrals are delivered. The member shall receive a grand MYR 100!

Of joining the promotion
To make it more accessible, 12BET Refer a Friend will be using the most popular communication and social networking platforms.

One of these is through e-mail invites. Interested participants can make the invitation more personal via sending the e-mail with a link that goes directly to the promotion page.

Members, who are fans of social networking sites like Facebook, may also use this platform and invite friends.

Meanwhile, for those who are into microblogging sites such as Twitter, they can also use it to have more referrals.

This particular promotion is not limited or exclusive to the member’s personal acquaintances. In the event where an interested party joins the program, their participation shall be counted as well. This is despite of the fact that they are outside of the member’s circle of friends.

The advantage
Members gain several advantages in this promotion. First, this can be compared to a free bet bonus. Existing members do not have to shell out their own funds. They only need to invite. They get a bonus without exerting too much effort.

Evidently, this is one of those great ideas for extra income. One can almost make a living from this program alone.

Yet, if there is one thing where members will totally benefit, this is no other than tapping the social aspect of online betting. With friends playing together, the experience become more memorable.

Relatives and close kins
It should be noted that the referrer’s relatives like their parents, siblings and children, along with other people who share the same household, personal deposit accounts and e-mail addresses are prohibited from joining this promotion.

12BET’s refer a friend program is yet another promotion which members must look forward to. Always visit for updates and details.