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2014-15 Europa League Match Preview: Salzburg vs. Dinamo Zagreb



Match Date: 23 October 2014 (local)

Match Venue: Red Bull Arena, Wals-Siezenheim

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Salzburg and Dinamo Zagreb’s last two meetings (Champions League) concluded in one draw and one win for the Austrian side. On both cases, however, the battles have been so tight that no winners were almost declared. But these were more than five years ago, and things might have drastically changed since.


Red Bull Salzburg

Salzburg’s most recent displays have been very compelling, scoring zero losses since September 24 and netting 15 goals in just a single match for a friendly. Since the aforesaid date, the squad have already collected 34 goals in just six fixtures—an incredible record for the Austrian champs. In the ongoing Europa League Group stage, Salzburg have already skipped the red zone twice. They debuted in the tournament with a 2-2 draw wth Celtic and then followed it up with a 1-2 win against Astra Giurgiu. On both occasions, Jonatan Soriano was able to net a goal.


Dinamo Zagreb

Dinamo’s debut in the Europa League Group round turned out a massive success, seizing five goals against Astra Giurgiu and conceding only one. However, their next battle has proven to be more challenging and instead of extending their clean slate, Dinamo lost all the spoils and turned the tides against them in favor of Celtic. They are down to the third spot of the Group table from the summit in the previous rankings. Domestically, however, the side are doing very well in HNL. In fact, they are currently the league leaders with four points to spare.


Champions League betting tip: Salzburg will carry the day, but Dinamo Zagreb will return home with at least one goal.